Intermission’s 2018 NHL Preview

Welcome to The Intermission‘s cold-blooded 2018 NHL Preview, a international ice-sized rink to host all of your NHL content leading up to the season. We have team rankings and previews, articles and a surplus of predictions and opinions that you’ll find right HERE. Check back frequently and be curious, as this page will be updated regularly. Hell, you might as well bookmark it right now!


» Who Won the NHL Offseason?
» Hab-Nots: The Death of the Current Montreal Canadiens

NHL Team Rankings

» 31-26: The Reclamation Projects
» 25-20: Maybe Next Year?
» 19-14: Those Bubble Squads
» 13-8: Playoff Worthy, Need Bounces
» 7-1: Licensed To Hoist

Projections, Predictions and Power Rankings

» Award Winners