Introducing a New Intermission Music Series: ‘The Queue’

Mike Hallihan
Mike Hallihan September 30, 2021
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If music is truly “the soundtrack of your life,” then prepare to have an open look into various lives, one album at a time. The Queue is The Intermission’s music series that reviews albums, but in a unique way. Unlike most album reviews that distinctly critique how impressive or terrible a newly-released album is, The Queue will share entertaining stories and interesting nuggets of information about the albums we’ve loved over the years. Old, new, and in between. There are no restrictions or age limitations on our own individual musical tastes, so why have any within this series? Exactly.

Visit The Queue‘s main page (as well as in the top/side menus) for all series content.

Music is so very important within the human race’s culture and existence. It breeds and strokes every strain of emotion and keeps many of us moving forward. That might sound overly dramatic, but it’s entirely true. If you disagree, you might not actually be human. Start by checking your pulse (which is a form of music on its own).

The Intermission desperately wanted and needed some music content.

But let’s start by having an honest moment here. Much (not all) of today’s music doesn’t carry the same level of overall quality and lasting appeal as in the past. With everyone’s attention span now measured in nanoseconds rather than minutes or moments, it’s challenging to absorb and retain the same level of musical experience. A big reason for that is because there’s just too much music today. And too many ways to consume it. It’s certainly not always a negative thing, as having options and variety are/is good in life. But when there are just too many choices, there isn’t enough time to listen to, and align everything that even your own peeps are listening to. The task is sometimes as impossible as pronouncing some of these new artists’ names today.

“Hey, have you heard the new (*clicks on Spotify’s New Releases section*) Giveon track?”

Nope. Because I personally have never heard of that person. Not even close. Is that a man? Woman? Group? Band? Orchestra? Seems like there’s a billion new artists crashing the airwaves every other day.

Back to the concept at hand. Getting a shade deep here, music is not only about the sounds and/or the message within, but it’s about the actual experience of it all, as I mentioned earlier. Music is personal. Music helps create identity. It’s often about where you were when you heard a certain song or album. Who you were with. Where you purchased it. Where and when you saw that artist live in concert. The rush of emotions, whether inspirational, humorous, energetic, or melancholy, that it gave to you in that moment. It’s everything.

This music series will attempt to capture and re-live some of those personal experiences with specific albums, as experienced by some of us self-declared music savants. Maybe you’ve had similar experiences, or maybe you just like to indulge in the experiences of others. Either way.

I hope you’ll enjoy these continuous reads. I hope you’ll learn some stuff, smile, laugh, get angry, reminisce, and maybe even go look up that particular album and set it to “next” in your own personal queue.

Come on y’all let’s take a ride,
Don’t you say shit just get inside,
It’s time to take your ass on another kind of trip,
Cause you can’t have the hop if you don’t have the hip.
“Fantastic Voyage” – Coolio (1994)

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